Contemporary Door Hardware

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Contemporary Door Hardware

We offer 4 contemporary hardware suites all with matching door knockers and letterplates and all the furniture is made from brushed stainless steel.

A front composite door speaks volumes about a property. Now you can make even more of a statement with our range of contemporary furniture suites which can transform a front door into a real property feature.

Choose from the Long Bar handle suite, the elegant Bow Handle suite, the ultra-modern Square suite or the timeless Classic suite.

contemporary composite door hardware

Long Bar Suite

Now you can make even more of statement with the Long Bar handle. The complete suite transforms door furniture into a property feature. The Long Bar handle suite doesn’t just add more style to your door. It’s sure to attract more of your guests’ attention too. That’s no surprise with the handle’s stunning stainless steel patina and easy to hold angle.

Complete the modern look with a matching Bar or Ingot knocker and a sleek Trojan Satin letter plate. The Long Bar handle is perfect for properties where every detail speaks of quality. Distinctive, enduring, high quality. This is contemporary style that never goes out of fashion.

contemporary bar hardware

Bow Suite

Open the door to a more elegant look with the stunning Bow handle suite. Whether you choose the Long Bow handle or the Short Bow handle, you’ll add a special touch that turns your front composite door into a work of art. The Bow handle is undeniably elegant, but it’s also incredibly hard wearing. Being made from stainless steel, it will endure the demands of British weather and everyday use season after season - and stay looking incredible too.

The Bow handle’s accompanying ingot door knocker and letterplate all help to enhance the elegance. This is a door furniture suite that’s ahead of the curve.

contemporary bow hardware

Square Suite

Here’s a new angle on door furniture; the Square suite is perfectly suited to the ultra-modern property. This is cutting edge design which makes your composite door just as well dressed as your home. The real style lies in the details. With this suite, your front door matches (rather than clashes with) the modern property.

The door handle’s understated geometric glamour is set off to perfection with a matching square knocker and satin letterplate. All bringing your door as up to date in style as the rest of your home. Crafted from stainless steel, the Square suite also gives your home the edge for weather protection and durability.

contemporary square hardware

Classic Suite

Take a look at some of the world’s most beautiful historic homes and what do you see? The classic central knob on their front doors. It’s no surprise that this stunning handle has been an enduring feature of high-end properties for so many years.

The Classic handle brings together period style with the best of modern performance. So a property will benefit from stunning looks matched with the strength of stainless steel.

The great news is that the Classic handle looks as incredible on period properties as it does on contemporary homes. Timeless style matched with an enduring performance - it’s what makes this a classic.

contemporary square hardware

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