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Door Glazing


Pilkington Glass - Energy Efficient Glazing

Pilkington K Glass™ is the UK’s leading thermal glass brand. It has become the trusted solution for meeting energy efficient Building Regulations. By using Pilkington K Glass™ in your composite door you can easily exceed the latest energy saving Building Regulations Part L.

All our composite glazed doors are fitted with 4mm Toughened safety glass as standard with the option to upgrade to 6.4mm Laminated glass for extra security.

Pilkington Texture Glass Range

The advantages of Pilkington decorative glass are easy to see, too: it allows maximum light while maintaining privacy or obscuring unattractive views, and also forms an attractive decorative feature itself. Five levels of privacy are available, graded from 1 (least obscuration) to 5 (greatest obscuration).

Please browse the gallery below to view the styles and designs we offer.

Chantilly™ - Level 2
Minster™ - Level 2
Flemish™ - Level 2
Chantilly™ - Level 2 Minster™ - Level 2 Flemish™ - Level 2
Autumn Leaf
Autumn™ - Level 3
Taffeta™ - Level 3
Digital™ - Level 3
Autumn™ - Level 3 Taffeta™ - Level 3 Digital™ - Level 3
Florielle™ - Level 4
Contora™ - Level 4
Mayflower™ - Level 4
Florielle™ - Level 4 Contora™ - Level 4 Mayflower™ - Level 4
Charcoal Sticks
Charcoal Sticks™ - Level 4
Stippolyte™ - Level 4
Oak Leaf
Oak™ - Level 4
Charcoal Sticks™ - Level 4 Stippolyte™ - Level 4 Oak™ - Level 4
Costwold™ - Level 5
Pelerine™ - Level 5
Everglade™ - Level 5
Cotswold™ - Level 5 Pelerine™ - Level 5 Everglade™ - Level 5

All pattern names (e.g Everglade™) are a trade mark of Pilkington plc.

All pattern images are the copyright© of Pilkington plc and are reproduced by the permission of Pilkington plc.

Glass Design Range

Brass & Zinc Art Triple Glazed Range

zinc art

Beautifully crafted from hand-cut bevels and textured glass pieces, arranged within zinc or brass and encapsulated within toughened safety glass, our range of triple glazed units complement the designs, colours and authentic wood graining of our GRP faced composite doors.

Quite simply, the decorative triple glazed unit has distinct advantages over that of the double glazed version. The decorative elements are encapsulated between two panes of glass making it easier to clean….no dust or dirt can gather on the decorative elements nor can the cames oxidise or discolour.

A simple wipe over the smooth glass front and back panes keeps the unit clean and attractive.

  • Stunning visual effect with multiple glass textures and bevels
  • All units are triple glazed for easy cleaning and extra security
brass art clarity
Brass Art Clarity
zinc art elegance
Zinc Art Elegance
zinc art abstract
Zinc Art Abstract
Brass Art Clarity Zinc Art Elegance Zinc Art Abstract Classic Finesse Flair

Overlay Art Range

overlay art

Our most versatile and beautiful range, Overlay Art is decorative glazing at its peak. Your choice from a large range of brilliant cut bevels is first bonded to the glass, and then painstakingly outlined by hand with highly skilled leadwork. Finally, the design can be set off to match the door with a choice of colour film.

With this design on the external face, natural weathering will tarnish and add to the depth of colour in the lead, whilst the hand cut bevels will retain their beautiful sparkle, giving a stunning yet traditional finish for years to come.

  • Dual Glazed construction
  • Large range of Pilkington Texture backing glasses available
  • Where available colours can be changed to match the door
crystal harmony blue
Crystal Harmony Blue
crystal harmony frost
Crystal Harmony Frost
crystal harmony green
Crystal Harmony Green
crystal harmony red
Crystal Harmony Red
crystal bohemia blue
Crystal Bohemia Blue
crystal bohemia frost
Cystal Bohemia Frost
Crystal Harmony Blue Crystal Harmony Frost Crystal Harmony Green Crystal Harmony Red Crystal Bohemia Blue Crystal Bohemia Frost
crystal bohemia green
Crystal Bohemia Green
crystal bohemia red
Crystal Bohemia Red
drop diamond red
Drop Diamond Red
drop diamond green
Drop Diamond Green
drop diamond blue
Drop Diamond Blue
crystal diamond
Crystal Diamond
Crystal Bohemia Green Crystal Bohemia Red Drop Diamond Red Drop Diamond Green Drop Diamond Blue Crystal Diamond

Resin Art Range

resin art

Our range of Resin Art designs are manufactured using state of the art resin dispensing equipment to create the outline, the colours are then hand painted to give a vibrant and colourful design. The Resins offer an alternative to lead profiles and create much finer lines.

A choice of Pilkington textured glass is also available for additional privacy if required.

  • Fine lines and hand-painting allow for very intricate designs
  • Large range of Pilkington Texture backing glasses available
  • Available with matching composite side lights
mackintosh rose
Mackintosh Rose
english rose
English Rose
Mackintosh Rose Fleur English Rose

Etch Effect & Fusion Art Range

fusion art

Our range of Etch Effect designs combine a simple etched glass effect with either traditional hand cut glass bevelled glass or truly stunning fused glass elements. These are bonded to the surface to provide a 3-dimensional effect that can not only be seen, but felt.

These ranges use the finest materials and the most up-to-date techniques to produce designs that are simple, yet refract light beautifully, to create a focal point to your entranceway.

  • Contemporary glass designs using fused glass elements
  • Dual Glazed construction so you can touch the fused elements
  • Colour changes available to match or compliment the door colour
murano black
Murano Black
murano blue
Murano Blue
murano green
Murano Green
murano red
Murano Red
Murano Black Murano Blue Murano Green Murano Red

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