Door Maintenance

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Caring for your new door

Cleaning your door

Your new GRP composite door will stay in top condition with just one clean a month.

Here’s how to care for each part of your door.

Part of the door Cleaning Finishing
Door Leaf Keep the grime and grit away with warm soapy water and wipe dry with a soft cloth
Door Frame Wash with warm soapy warm Stubborn stains demand a specialised UPVC cleaner. Read cleaners guidelines carefully
External Glass Wash with warm soapy water with a soft cloth Finish with a proprietary glass cleaner
Leaded Glass Wash with warm soapy water Finish with a proprietary glass cleaner
(N.B. oxidisation will naturally occur over time)
(handles, knockers)
Wake a clean cloth and warm water with a mild detergent, then simply wipe clean to a shine  

Maintaining your door

GRP composite doors are low maintenance -

You’ll find a little care every six months goes a very long way.

Part of the door Recommended Maintenance Notes
Hinges Keep them at their best by lubricating with a little light engineering oil, e.g 3 in 1
Cylinder Locks Need lubricating with a Teflon based lubricant They're sensitive so don't use oil or graphite powder
(handles, knockers)
Just add a touch of light engineering oil on all moving parts Easpecially important if you live near the coast or by a building or industriak site

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